Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Learning to titrate our “zooming in” and “zooming out” from thoughts, feelings and stories

Sometimes we see something as very serious, but others do not.

Sometimes we see something as very serious now, but at a later time, we may not see it as serious anymore.

So why is that?

1. When we “zoom in” and fuse with our thoughts/feelings/stories, it becomes more serious.

2. When we “zoom out” and defuse from our thoughts/feelings/stories, it becomes less serious.

3. And there’s a spectrum between the extreme “zoom in” and the extreme “zoom out”.

So one way in which our mind perceives something as serious or not is determined by how “zoom in” or “zoom out” we are isn’t it?

Titration according to context is an important idea to consider here perhaps. Most of our patients and ourselves struggle with this don’t we?

The good news is, this is within our internal locus of control.

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