Thursday, July 29, 2021

Using Focused Acceptance Commitment Therapy (FACT) to get out of the “fear driven loop”

I’ve seen a number of folks this week who are so fear driven and “stuck”. It’s really hard for them to get out of that “fear driven loop”.

Fear creates more fear, and then one is stuck in that loop. They can try to think themselves out of that loop but it can be ineffective.

An alternative method is to defuse or holding space for that fear, grounding, and hooking onto a more compelling feeling or value for that person, and take action congruent with those. Consider using values like kindness, honesty, adventure, courage, competence, effectiveness, autonomy, compassion, duty, care, authenticity, growth, enthusiasm, hopefulness, innovation, or novelty to name a few. It’s important to use the ones that resonate most with the person at an emotional level.

This is a strategy used in Focused Acceptance Commitment Therapy (FACT). FACT was developed for relative short consults in primary care.

It may be worthwhile to explore that more perhaps.

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