Sunday, December 24, 2023

Passion, OCD traits and OCD on a spectrum

When someone can divert an “obsessive compulsive behaviour” into something useful, it transforms it into a “passion” project.

When someone is unable to divert an “obsessive compulsive behaviour” into something useful and it creates dysfunction in one’s life, then it can manifest as an OCD.

The process and behaviour is similar, but the intention, feeling, and direction is different.

One is “fear driven”.

The other is “value driven”.

It’s not easy of course. It can be extremely difficult for folks with OCD to shift as they have very high fusion with certain beliefs, thoughts and feelings. It may feel impossible for these folks even.

For those with “OCD traits”, there’s less fusion and less “dysfunction”. “OCD traits” and OCD exist on a spectrum or continuum isn’t it?

For them to “divert it”, it will require hope, reframe it as a “spectrum or continuum” and not as a “permanent thing”, and more mindfulness/defusion from beliefs, thoughts and feelings.

If one can defuse, divert and with less dysfunction, perhaps one can shift from OCD to “OCD trait” to then “passion”.

Every trait has a dark side and a good side. Both are 2 sides of the same coin. Function vs dysfunction.

In crisis, we try to pivot from the dark side to the good side.  

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