Monday, January 8, 2024

Homeostasis to prevent work burnout

I often think about homeostasis when it comes to the human condition. 

Body temperature too high = problem.

Too low = problem.

Electrolytes too high = problem.

Too low also = problem.

Too much sugar = problem.

Not enough sugar = problem.

Too much money = problem.

Too little money can also be a problem.

Too much certainty = problem.

Not enough certainty = problem.

So too much work can be a problem.

Too little work can also be a problem.

Too much holidays = problem.

Not enough holidays can also be a problem.

Homeostasis is different for different people and at different stages of their lives and context. The problem is, like diabetics with poor sugar homeostasis, some folks have poor “work homeostasis” and are unaware until it’s too late. 

Like diabetes, prevention is better than cure. 

Don’t wait for the “end stage” or “late stage” to do something about it.  

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