Saturday, September 18, 2021

Depression and anxiety are due to a chemical imbalance or is it?

During my medical student days, I’ve been taught that depression and anxiety is due to a “chemical imbalance”.

Although it is well intentioned and can be useful for certain groups of individuals, I am not a big fan.

I wonder if you are still using this to explain to your patients?

I wonder if this is still taught in University?

The alternative is more of a “biopsychosocial” perspective rather than just a “bio” perspective. We can see “depression and anxiety” as needs not met.

If the “depression and anxiety” have a voice, it’s trying to say the following.

1. Caution. Your needs are not met. Please address them ASAP. Please seek help if required.

2. You may have a lack stability, security or control in your life. You may not be safe. This includes your physical needs as well, like food, sleep, and shelter.  Please address them ASAP. 

3. You may have a lack of secure connections. There may be issues around your connection with your tribe. Please attend to that.

4. You may have stagnancy in your life. You may need more growth, novelty, and newness for better personal growth, development, learning and adaptation.

5. If required, please seek help to attend to the above ASAP.

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