Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Practice mindfulness and defusion to reduce our risk of compassion fatigue

Compassion fatigue can be a struggle for many Healthcare Professionals isn’t it?

As Doctors, it’s worthwhile to notice if we are picking up on “feelings” or “emotions” from our patients.

“Feelings” are more defused, less intense, and create less compulsion to act.

Emotions are more intense, “fused”, and trigger more compulsion to act. It’s more “emotive”.

Mindfulness and defusion “soften” the “emotions” into more “feelings” with less urges to act.

I think mindfulness and defusion practice can help Doctors to be less vulnerable to compassion fatigue.

It may help us to be more effective in holding space for our patients’ feelings or emotions, without the urge to react or respond impulsively.

Be a coach, and not a rescuer….

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