Monday, September 21, 2020

Are you and your patients in the right element?

When we are not in our right element or environment, we get stressed. Think, “fish out of water”. 

When stuck in this situation, some of us may have a tendency to 

1 blame our environment for the stress OR

2 blame ourselves 

Both can lead to a lot of problems, physically, emotionally, and socially. 

Like a fish out of water, we need to be in the right environment.  But to be in the right environment, we need to know who we are first.  

A significant part of counseling is to help people understand self, and to fully accept self.  To know one’s values and way of thinking, and those of others, and from there, find or create a life congruent with oneself and complementary to oneself. 

When one is in one’s element, we can help many others. When one’s needs are fully met, we can help many others. Similarly, we need to put on our oxygen mask first so that we can help many others.

The question is, are you in your right element, and are your patients in their right element?

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