Saturday, June 3, 2023

Choosing the right “music scores” for your life story

My patients are often not aware of this. I wonder if yours are unaware too.

Feelings and emotions are like the music scores attached to our life stories/scenes of the past, present or future.

The same scene with a different music score can change the meaning and experience completely for that person.

So the same scene with feelings of scarcity vs feelings of prosperity can lead us down a very different experience.

Also consider the same scene with feelings of hopelessness/helplessness vs feelings of hope/possibilities/empowerment.

The same scene with feelings of anger/guilt/shame vs feelings of acceptance/compassion/humility.

The same scene with feelings of loss/grief vs feelings of care/gratitude.

And so on….

The main challenge is to have a good range of these “music scores” in our lives and have enough mindfulness to use them in the right context.

The wrong “music score” chosen consciously or unconsciously for a scene of the past, present or future, can lead to significant challenges in our lives. And in the context of childhood trauma, rewriting the “music score” can be a real challenge but when one can, it can be quite transformative.

I wonder if you can relate.

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