Friday, May 26, 2023

Are you a short, medium or long range problem solver?

One of the things about understanding personality is to think of “short range problem solvers” vs “medium range” vs “long range”. If one has a talent in the “short range” or the “here and now” problem solving, then they may have a weakness in the “long range”. The opposite may hold true as well.

I think the biggest challenge with General Practice is the diverse nature of the problems from the very short to the very long range. Hence, there is always going to be blindspots for us somewhere that make us “stress and strain” in more unhealthy ways.

Knowing oneself is a good start.

I wonder if we can reflect on our natural “talented range” or preferred range. And which “range” do we struggle with the most.

Knowing it will help one to nurture the strengths and hold space/manage our weaknesses.

Often our patients will struggle with this too.

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