Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Helping those who are too goal orientated

I often see folks who have “impact” as a personal internal value.

Outcome is a very important thing for them so the pressure to attain those outcome is high. Because they are so goal orientated, they may struggle to enjoy the “journey” so to speak and frequent frustration can be a theme in their lives. The “should or must” can be a strong pattern in their language. They may fail to appreciate those “little gains” towards their value of “impact”. If not aware and managed well, it can lead to burnout symptoms.

So how to improve?

1. Be aware, acknowledge and mindful of the above. This is important for defusion.

2. Acknowledge and appreciate those small incremental gains.

3. And perhaps balance the value of “impact” with other values like authenticity, growth/learning, care, compassion/self-compassion, self care and positive intent.

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