Saturday, February 4, 2023

My own reflection through case discussion in our peer group

We ran a small peer group Mental Health case discussion this morning.

We discussed the following important points.

1 The compassionate detachment mindset for Doctors. 

2 Attunement with the patient's emotional space to lead them towards defusion/acceptance and post traumatic growth following a "loss of some sorts".

3 Explore the difference between intellectual acceptance and emotional acceptance. 

4 Explore fusion, defusion, detachment, and dissociation. 

5 Balance of validation vs challenge in counseling work. 

6 Helping patient to defuse first in order to shift towards the challenge and change their life stories. 

7 The feeling mind often resist change so validate and defuse first. 

8 Self understanding is important for our own defusion. 

9 It is difficult to work out things inside our heads at time so "extroverting" our thoughts and feelings in the "outside world" in a safe space can assist with defusion and give us more clarity.

10 Exploring "zooming in" to take action and "zooming out" to find more clarity. 

11 Exploring our own individual bias around "zooming in" vs "zooming out". 

My own reflection: Through optimism and hope, I tend to over challenge my patients and spending more time in the validation space is important for our patients especially in the earlier phase. Without validation and defusion of thoughts/feelings, the feeling mind will resist any change.

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