Wednesday, November 30, 2022

How to help our patients to follow their values and still make it workable

Like most things, it’s a balance isn’t it?

One can observe that schools and families are often great at teaching us to make decisions based on…

1. How others feel/value for outer harmony.

2. What’s workable and practical in the real world to achieve our goals. 

3. What makes sense and “scientific” to us to create and innovate. 

4. But not so good at teaching us to make workable decisions based on our values/passions/what feels right to the us for inner harmony and deeper emotional connection.

Of course all 4 ways are important for survival but if we neglect the last piece, mental health problems, inner unhappiness, and poor relationship with self will increase. This will then make it all unworkable in the end.

The real aim is to integrate all 4 i.e. what’s of value to us, what’s of value to society, what makes logical sense, and what works.

It’s not going to be easy but a worthwhile pursuit.  

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