Monday, October 24, 2022

Helping our patients with defusion. But what’s that?

In counseling, one of the hardest skills for people to learn and implement is the ability to defuse from their thoughts and feelings, AND the thoughts and feelings of others.

It’s like walking on a “tightrope” or surfing a wave. There’s a sweet spot which is forever changing with the changing context.

Defusion is where one is “distanced” enough from thoughts and feelings but still engaged with it mindfully. There is “space”. Not “sucked in” by it but not too detached from it either. One can still care deeply. If one lose care, one may have gone a bit too far into emotional detachment or dissociation.

It’s that “sweet spot” that we are after.

Not too fused.

Not too detached.

Just right in order to perceive with clarity  before action.

I wonder if you can relate.

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