Friday, September 30, 2022

Helping our patients to explore their values for better mental health

In counseling, exploring values is very important because unhealthy stress can occur when one’s life is moving away from one’s values, and generally feels better when it’s moving towards it and lessening the “gap”.

However, identifying values can be surprisingly difficult for a lot of folks we see.

Some folks are very in tune with the values of the people around them and that of society, but are not so great at being in tune with their own values, so it can get very confusing for them. Is it their values or the values of their parents, friends or society that they are noticing?

We can see the reverse too.  Some are very in tune with their own values but has a “relative blindspot” for the values of others. 

Both when in extreme, can lead to problems

Have you noticed those patterns?

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