Saturday, August 20, 2022

Helping children with personality styles that are mismatching with their environments leading to stress

I commonly see children with “personality styles” that are mismatching with their environments, leading to a lot of unhealthy stress.

Stress for them as well as for their families. 

We then try to help them embrace the gap and close the gap wherever we can.

Sometimes they may need a formal diagnosis in order to get the help and funding required but the fundamental principle is the same. 

We help them to embrace/fully accept their “personality styles” and who they are.  We normalize it. 

We help their families and the people close to them to embrace/fully accept their “personality styles” and who they are.

We coach them and their families to gain the emotional literacy and skills to better adapt to their environments.

We equipped them with the emotional literacy to help their environments to understand, “hold space”, and better adapt to them. 

We help them to find and appreciate those who can scaffold for their “blindspots” and at the same time, for them to scaffold for others.  Life is a team sport so scaffolding for each other’s blindspots is critical.  

In time, we help them to find or create the “right environment” for them. People are more likely to thrive when they’re in their right element don’t they?

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