Thursday, August 19, 2021

Helping our patients to update their maps of “values and beliefs” to adapt better to their current context

I love Kahneman’s concept around system 1 “fast thinking” and system 2 “slow thinking”.

In my mind, system 1 is more related to “feelings or intuition”, and system 2 is more related to “logical analytical thinking”.

I often use the metaphor of the Sat Nav being like system 1. It make our lives easier, but if our maps have not been updated for many years, we may end up in a very different place to where we want to be.

So if our lives are not turning out the way that we want, or we are not at a place where we want to be, it’s probably time to update our “maps” to be in line with our current context.

“Maps” are our values and belief. Updating and fine tuning our values and beliefs, will help us change our outcome. 

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