Saturday, May 15, 2021

As a Doctor, are you a “zoom in person” or “zoom out person”

A “zoom out person” is one who tends to zoom out and are biased towards seeing things in lower resolution but bigger picture. They are less interested in dealing with the small finer details.

“Zoom in person” on the other hand prefer to zoom in and see things through a microscope with great detail, but may fail to see the bigger picture at times.

I see General Practice more as a zoom out person’s domain.

Specialty is more of a zoom in person’s domain.

For great outcomes, zoom out-ers need to collaborate with zoom in-ners, and zoom in-ners need to collaborate with zoom out-ers.

Of course, we have both the zoom in and zoom out aspects in all of us, but some are in ratios of close to 50:50, and others are more like 90:10 or 10:90. We also zoom in and out in different context e.g. at home or at work.  

The problem I see is that if one is an extreme zoom inner while at work, then General Practice may prove a bit difficult for you as the GP domain is probably more suited to a zoom outer.  The presentations in General Practice are often highly undifferentiated, and are often a mix of the physical, emotional, and social issues. It requires a lot of zooming out first, before zooming in. 

You may not be in your element.

So what’s the solution?

1. Find a niche area in General Practice to “zoom into”.  
2. Learn how to “zoom out” more through defusion, mindfulness, and being more present. 
3. Collaborate with more zoom outers so that you can focus on what you do best... the zooming in. 
4. Find the emotional acceptance of what is IS.

I am zoom out person predominantly. I like to see things in lower resolution but bigger picture. With that in mind, I need zoom inners in my life to complement me. So I partner up with zoom inners. I work with zoom inners. I hire staff who are zoom inners.

If you find my posts lack direction or details, then that may be a sign of your “zooming in tendencies”.  And if you reflect on your partner, then they might be more of a zoom outer to complement your zooming in. 

Exposure to our opposites will give us the best contrast to better see and understand ourselves, and that’s a good thing. 

So time to reflect ....

Are you more of a zoom out person or a zoom in person?

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