Sunday, April 25, 2021

Helping our patients to shift their unhelpful beliefs to change perceptions and outcomes

Beliefs are very powerful things because it dictates what goes into our “spam box” and “inbox” in our minds.

If we believe that we are not good enough, then most of the “great stuff” about us will go into the spam box, and most of the “bad stuff” will go into the inbox. Then we use what is in our inbox to perceive and act to create more “bad stuff”, which then reinforce the beliefs and perpetuate the problem.

Sometimes it’s like a self fulfilling prophecy.

For lasting change, we often have to look at what is behind the curtain. Go to the source.

What are our beliefs and thoughts? Are they serving us well? Are they true? Are they helpful? Are there an alternative truth to these? Are these what we want? Are they in line with our values? We’re they useful in the past but are not anymore? What are our alternatives?

Choose wisely because what we believe will dictate what is in our “inbox”.

I sometimes worry about us as a profession. If we as a collective is represented as one mind, then what beliefs, thoughts or “themes” do we have as that entity?

Is it hopeful?
Is it kind?
Is it compassionate?
Is it resentful?
Is it enthusiastic?
Is it despair?
Is it hopelessness?
Are we valuable or are we not?
Are we privileged or are we not?
Are we good enough or are we not?

The wonderful thing is that we are in control of those themes, thoughts and beliefs. It’s a choice point.

We can dictate what goes into our “inbox” and shift for change.

We can also help our patients to change their inboxes and shift for change.

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