Friday, April 16, 2021

Helping our patients to find or create the right environment for their personality

I often think the underlying issue for adjustment disorders with anxious and depressed mood is the mismatch between the environment and the personality of the individual.

When the “fish out of water”, it’s natural for it to be stressed isn’t it?

The difficult question is, how does one assess personality?

It’s not easy but I often frame personality as values/beliefs PLUS the way we perceive/think/make decisions. We can assess these through observations, listening with curiosity, reading between the lines, and better emotional literacy.

Once we are more aware of our “personality”, we are much better at finding or creating the right environment for us.

The wrong environment may lead us down a “personality disorder” version of self.

The right environment may lead us down the best version of self.

So here’s the most important question. Do we know our “personality” and the “personalities” of our patients?

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