Monday, April 12, 2021

Helping our patients to balance the “outer compass” and the “inner compass”

Many folks I see, both adults and children, have an excessive need for external validation. It does make them more vulnerable.

The need for external validation is “not bad” as it serves as an “outer compass” for us to “play in society”.

It can get “bad” however, if one loses oneself in the process and not knowing who one is. Not knowing what one’s values are. Not able to take actions based on one’s values. Not able to be authentic. Not able to be congruent with oneself. Not able to be true to oneself. Not able to meet one’s needs. Not able to follow one’s “inner compass”.

It’s a tough gig being human for sure.

We constantly have to balance the “outer compass” for outer harmony, AND the “inner compass” for inner harmony.

Many may struggle with the “inner compass”, and it is here that Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) can help.

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