Thursday, March 25, 2021

Helping our kids and their families to be more aware of Love Languages

When looking after kids, one of things to be aware of is their “Love Languages”.

There are 5 Love Languages described by Dr Gary Chapman. These are essentially values and beliefs around “how do we measure love and connection”.

So love and connection is measured by ....

1. Quality time
2. Acts of services
3. Words of affirmation
4. Gifts
5. Physical affection

The ones who have “words of acknowledgement” as their primary “love language”, is the most vulnerable to criticisms at schools, home, or on social media.

If not careful, these kids can feel very disconnected, and through disconnection, can lead to a lot of shame, fear and anxiety.

If we can give them and their families the emotional literacy to understand this, it may help them to defuse from those thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

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