Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Helping our patient to preserve their energy tank when taking action

When we take action, we can take action with the following emotional states or mindsets. 

1. We can do it with joy and enthusiasm.

2. We can do it with emotional acceptance.

3. We can do it with intellectual acceptance but emotionally, we are really just “putting up with it”.

4. We do it with resistance, resentment, and dread.

The first type will give us energy in emotional terms. The second is probably energy neutral. The last two will drain us physically and emotionally.

So I try this simple principle when taking action.  

If I can’t do something with joy, enthusiasm, or at least emotional acceptance, I won’t do it. Maybe short term but definitely not long term. Emotional acceptance is acceptable in most cases.

Maybe you and your patients can try that too to preserve your energy tank.

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