Monday, September 7, 2020

Is simple psychoeducation undervalued in counseling?

I think that some Doctors or many perhaps, may underestimate the value of simple psychoeducation as part of the counseling process. Examples are:

  • We can psychoeducate our patients about the fight, flight or freeze response. 
  • Anger may be a simple manifestation of stress.
  • Stress may be a response to adjustment, and to sort out adjustment, we need to look at the external locus if control and the internal locus of control.
  • A child showing aggressive behaviours may be a fight response to stress, and stress can be due to disconnection, shame, or loneliness. 

I often use the following metaphor to explain to patients about the importance of emotional literacy.  

To solve maths we need to know what numbers are ie simple numeracy. 

To solve communication, we need to know the alphabet ie literacy. 

To solve finance, we need to know financial literacy. 

So to solve emotional problems, we need simple emotional literacy first through simple psychoeducation.  

It’s simple, but fundamental and absolutely critical....

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