Monday, October 29, 2012

Needing help on the pre-employment structured clinical interview PESCI

"I am going to do GP PESCI. I would like to get some advice on finding a study partner, available online courses, materials etc."  Dr G from Sri Lanka

Dear Dr G,

Thank you for your question.   As I do not have any personal experience in sitting for the PESCI nor have I had the experience of being on the panel of the PESCI, I will invite other Doctors to share on this forum the answer to your question.  In the meantime, I have include the following links on the PESCI which you might find useful.

PESCI stands for pre-employment structured clinical interview.

Good luck.  I will update this post as I get further information or tips.
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  1. According to some of my sources, the PESCI is a structured clinical interview based around a few clinical scenarios relevant to the future practice of that Doctor. For example, a Doctor going to work in a rural area may get a different clinical scenario to a Doctor who is going to work in the urban areas. The main aim of these interviews are to make sure that you will be a "Safe" Doctor with strong clinical ethics, reasoning and skills.

    If you are given a difficult question, you must be able to identify what are the relevant issues, what issues are conflicting and how would you prioritize that and come up with the best solution. This is what I call the "Curly Questions". Expect them in any of these types of interviews whether it is for the PESCI, GP Training Program or the Medical School Entrance Interviews. The reality is that in Medicine, there is not always the black and white answers!