Friday, October 19, 2012

Examples of "Single Best Answer" MCQ Questions by Dr Vin

Try some of these out and share with us your answers in the comment section.  Be aware of the "NOT" in the MCQs and don't get caught out.  Good luck!

Please note that according to my recent sources, the college is moving away from the "NEVER" and the "is NOT" questions, and often the stem has a particular piece of clinical information rather than just a "factual recall".  However, it might still be useful to be aware of these pitfalls in answering MCQs just in case.

1.  Which one of the following types of headache is neuroimaging required urgently?

A.  Migraine
B.  Episodic tension-type
C.  Cluster
D.  Headache associated with a fever
E.  Headache which is abrupt in onset and intense "thunderclap"

2.  Which one of the following is NOT a "red flag" sign for headaches?

A.  New onset headache and associated with a seizure
B.  New onset headache in >50yo
C.  New onset headache in someone who is taking an anticoagulant
D.  Headache in someone with stress
E.  Headache associated with progressive worsening

3.  Which on of the following is NOT the usual feature of a cluster headache?

A.  Unilateral location
B.  Duration 15-180mins
C.  Mild in severity
D.  Conjunctival injection and/or lacrimation
E.  Severe to very severe pain around and /or above the eye and/or temple on the same side of the face as
     the headache pain.

4.  Which one of the following is NOT a cause of secondary headaches?

A.  Brain tumours
B.  Giant cell arteritis
C.  Primary angle-closure glaucoma
D.  Subarachnoid haemorrhage
E.  Migraine

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Copyright written by Dr Vin based on the following reference:
Reference:  NPS June12 Headache Prescribing Practice Review: PPR 59

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  1. Ans:

    E Sudden onset severe headaches makes you think ?Subarachnoid haemorrhage and hence will require urgent neuroimaging.

    D Headache associate with stress usually of the tension type is not usually a red flag sign.

    C Cluster headaches are usually moderate to severe pain.

    E Migraine is classified as a primary type. Tension and Cluster headaches are also classified as primary.