Friday, August 5, 2011

Mental Health is a Significant Component of the FRACGP Exam

Mental health skill is very important to have in Australian General Practice and I would encouraged all GPs to upskill in this area.  For those who have sat the exams will notice that it is significantly weighted in the FRACGP Exam.

I have an interest in Mental Health and have been actively providing  focus psychological counselling (CBT) to patients for greater 10 years.  I have set up a blog and network of health professionals @ for the purpose of psychoeducation for patients and professionals alike.  I have also put together a group of good self help books which I and some of our psychologists recommend for patients.

The exam does not expect you to provide extensive counselling or CBT for patients but it does expect you to 
  • be comfortable in dealing with mental health particularly with depression and anxiety.
  • know how to approach and assess suicide risk
  • know how to manage suicide risk
  • know when to refer to psychiatrists, psychologists for counselling/CBT/group therapy
  • know pharmacological treatments for mental health disorder

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