Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Is your patient a “sensory learner”?

When a fish is out of water, it suffers.

When a fish is in its right environment, it thrives.

A “5sensory learner” needs to learn from “hands on experiential stuff” and immersion with their 5senses. Not from text books or sitting in a classroom contemplating and theorizing. This is a real challenge of course for our education system to cater for all types of learners. 

It’s hard for these folks especially in the early years. They can be bored easily, often get restless, and can be distracted by the 5sensory stimulation around them. They often get misunderstood by society and their family. And worst still, they can misunderstand themselves.

If not careful, some of these folks can end up with mental health challenges like poor self esteem, stress, anxiety, relationship problems, and even formal diagnoses like ADHD.  

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