Friday, July 21, 2023

Running a Family Practice can be very difficult isn’t it?

Running a Medical Practice or a business of any sorts is not easy is it?  It can be very stressful.

I often view running a business is like piloting a plane with a group of people heading towards a common desired destination.

Desired destination=What problems are we trying to solve? If these are not aligned, then we will have problems. We can’t have a one person wanting to go to Bali and another wanting to go to New Zealand.  So align the goals with your team regularly. 

People in the flight=Owners, Doctors, Nurses, Allied Health, administrative staff, tenants, contractors, etc. If we don’t look after each other, there will be rising unworkable conflict eventually and the flight will be canceled.  So look after each other. 

Engine=All the financial KPIs to keep things going. Financial loss or negative cashflow will cause a crash and everybody will be impacted.

Fuel=Values, meaning and purpose of our flight. Without meaning and purpose, we may lose the motivation to keep things going.

It’s very difficult to get all the above domains optimal at all times isn’t it?

But we can certainly try.

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