Friday, July 21, 2023

Are emotional triggers good or bad?

In counseling or coaching work, I often see folks who often view an emotional trigger as something “bad”, and something to be controlled, prevented or avoided.   But can it be viewed as something really positive?


What if we view it as something really informative about our feeling mind and about us?

Can it really help us with self understanding, self acceptance and the acceptance of others?

Can it tell us about our past unresolved hurts and guide us to resolve those?

Can it tell us more about our internal rules, values, and beliefs which may or may not be helpful in our current and future context?

Can it highlight our inherent biases which doesn’t serve us or the people we care about anymore?

Bad questions lead to bad answers.  Better questions lead to better answers isn’t it?

I wonder if we can help our patients and ourselves ask better questions over time….

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