Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Changing our experiences or perspectives to our past stories

Have you ever experienced something really bad in the past, but on reflection now, through a different set of lens or mindset, the perspective of that experience is now very different.

Why is that?

And by knowing why, can we change our experiences or our perspectives of those experiences more effectively?

One way to understand that is to notice how fused or defused we are to our past experiences/stories.

When we are very “fused”, we hold onto those stories much more tightly. It’s more serious. Its more rigid. It’s more emotive.

When we are able to be more defused from those stories, we are able to hold onto those stories much more lightly and flexibly. It less serious. It’s less emotive.

So learning how to fuse and defuse is critical in order to influence the above.  

I wonder if you can relate …

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