Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Stress titration to get better performance

My kids are doing their formative exams at present and learning how to “titrate their stress” to have optimal performance is difficult isn’t it?

Too much stress and “zooming in too much” is going to create problems.

Too little stress and “zooming out too much” is going to create problems too.

So stress titration is a very important skill isn’t it?

Maybe framing “stress management” as “stress titration” is a more accurate description of what we have to do perhaps.

So how do we “titrate stress”?

When we “zoom in” or fuse to thoughts or feelings or to “things”, we increase the urge to act/increase our stress. When we “zoom out” or distance from thoughts, feelings or “things”, we don’t feel too much about it. There’s less motivation to act. We can even dissociate from it and not even notice it.

And there is everything in between.

Think of it like a zoom lens. Different zooming requires in different context and what you want to achieve.

It’s not easy though is it?

If one is more of a “zoom in” person, one will often need a trusted “zoom out” person in one’s life in order to cover for each other’s blindspot.

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