Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Emotionally fused or emotionally detached mindset. Which is better for our consults?

Is it better to do clinical consults in a more “emotionally fused/empathetic” kind of way or a more “emotionally detached logical” kind of way?  

It may depend on the clinical context, the personality style of the patient, and personality style of the clinician too I suspect.

Maybe it’s a balance of emotionally detached vs emotionally fused but at the same time, it can be very dynamic rather than a fixed recipe for “balance”. 

One can consider this perhaps. 

At the beginning of consult, it may be good to fuse and empathize to connect and attune to the feeling mind of our patients.

Then lead and detached/defuse just enough to solve the problems with more mindfulness, clarity, and in a more logical/rational way.

Then at the end or when at home, emotionally detach from our work to “recharge”, and focus on other things that matters to us and our loved ones.

Then start again.

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