Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Helping our patients to defuse from past unhelpful memories

I often see folks who struggle with their past memories.

As they retell their stories, they may relive their whole experiences right in front of us. They can totally fuse with their old memories. 

Fusion of helpful thoughts, feelings and projections may manifest as passion. 

Fusion of unhelpful thoughts, feelings, memories, past traumas and unhelpful future projections can be very debilitating.

So the aim is to acknowledge their experiences and in time, help them to learn and practice defusion. Not easy but achievable in time.

So what does defusion of thoughts, feelings, memories, and projections look like or feel like?

Defusion = Non-judging, curious, present moment, wondering, observing, noticing, compassionate, appreciating, holding things lightly, perceiving without an urge to act or respond, not “sucked in” but not too detached either, detached just enough to “unhook” but still engaging.

I wonder if you know what I mean…

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