Sunday, October 30, 2022

The challenge for sensory and experiential learners

It’s not uncommon for me to see folks who are sensory and experiential learners. They like to learn and engage with the world through their 5 senses. They may choose a trade or may be naturally be good at a sport. 

They may have a pattern of struggling with primary and high school due to the more theoretical style of teaching. This usually disengage them and may lead to some form of sensory distractions.

If unaware, this can lead to a lot of misunderstanding between them and the school, and also between them and their own families. This may then influence their self esteem and impact their future lives in unhelpful ways.

Hence, it’s important to pick up these patterns very early on in school kids. This is what I usually like to do opportunistically when I see them for something else.

We may just be able prevent a lot of grief for them and their families. 

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