Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Better relationships can help you to be more physically and emotionally healthy. Here’s why….

I often say to patients that many physical health problems when dig deeper, are often due to genetics plus poor lifestyle.

Poor lifestyle choices are often made up of sensory seeking experiences like non hungry eating, smoking, drinking, drugs, TV, social media, gambling, computer games etc. to escape our uncomfortable feelings like stress, boredom, loneliness and inner/outer conflicts.

When dig deeper, these stress, boredom, loneliness and inner/outer conflicts are often due to relational issues with others and/or self.

So to be physically and emotionally healthy, one needs to consider looking after one’s relationships with others and/or self. This is shown in the 75yr Harvard Study.

This is why I love working with relationships and counseling work. 

It gives us much leverage through working at the “core” to help people with their biopsychosocial health.

I wonder if you can agree.

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