Thursday, September 1, 2022

Change at the “persona” level and not just at the behaviour level

We wear many “hats”, “identities” and “personas” don’t we? Sometimes we identify ourselves as a Doctor. A parent. A friend. An employer. A teacher. A “justaGP” etc. etc.

Each one of these “personas” come with it a set of conditioning including core values and beliefs, which dictate how we react, feel, think, behave, and ultimately, leading to a certain set of outcomes.

So in order to change our outcome, we can change our behaviours, or more deeply, we can change the “persona” with which we fuse.

The real question is, what does it mean for us when we wear that Doctor’s hat? What’s the value and beliefs that we have associated with that hat?

Does it mean that we rescue and save people all the time?

Does it mean that we can change people’s lives in 60mins like an episode of Chicago Hope?

Does it mean that we will get respect from others?

Does it mean that we have to make people happy all the time?

Knowing this will help us to understand why we react, feel, think and behave like we do, and attract a certain type of outcome.

If we don’t like our outcome, we might have to redefine our Doctor’s hat/persona, or simply don’t use it at all. Use something else like a “coach” perhaps.

So change at the level of “identity/persona”, and not just at the behaviour level.

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