Thursday, February 17, 2022

How to deal with unsuspecting aggressive behaviours from a fellow distressed colleague

Have you ever dealt with unsuspecting aggressive behaviors from a fellow distressed colleague?   It’s a stressful job isn’t it so we are bound to see “fight or flight” responses around us.  

Emotions are contagious at times and can be very tricky especially for those who are most empathetic.  If we hold their feelings of “fight or flight” with feelings of “fight or flight” through empathy, then that feeling of “fight or flight” will probably stay with us.  

Then we have “fight or flight” x 2 individuals

One can try to consciously switch to feelings/values of kindness and let that guide one’s response.  Intention will matter here.  

Then one can walk away with feelings of kindness which is much healthier than “fight or flight”.  

Otherwise frustration or anger may stay with us and sets up a difficult narrative in the long term.

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