Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Feelings have an input and an output function

Feelings can be very useful as a way to gather information, but it can also be very useful to motivate, activate or fuel actions. One is an “input” function. The other is an “output” function.

When we use it to take action or as an “output” function, the feelings become more “emotive” and tend to “stick” to us.

So be careful about which feelings we decide to use when we take action.

If we use frustration, then the feelings of frustration may “stick” to us.

If we use anger, then the feelings of anger may “stick” to us.

If we use punitive feelings, doubt or fear, then those feelings may “stick” to us too.

So what if we can use feelings of care, hope, curiosity, generosity, kindness, compassion or gratitude more often to take action.

How will that change our emotional landscape?

How will that change the emotional landscape for our patients?

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