Friday, December 17, 2021

One way to process a negative or uncomfortable feeling when it arises

When our feeling mind shows up a “negative or uncomfortable feeling”, consider asking the following questions with curiosity. 

1. Is this someone else’s feeling or mine?  If it belongs to others, we try to hold space for that in order to get more clarity, and then take appropriate action if required. 

2. If it’s ours, then ask what is the external factors that are signaling that?  What is our feeling mind guiding us to do or fix?  If we can, we take action.

3. If it’s ours, and we cannot change the external factors, then reflect on what is the internal beliefs or rules that are responsible for making our feeling mind feels this way.  Consider holding space for that, or fine tune those internal beliefs or rules for better workability if required.

When stressed, all of the above may go out of the window of course.  The feeling mind can be very reactive and is often much faster than the thinking mind.  But we can always revisit it to reflect, fine tune, and repair at a later date.  

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