Saturday, November 27, 2021

Helping patients to align goals in order to resolve conflict

Two different people with the same goals=a great team. Two different people without the same goals=friction or conflict.

So consider aligning our goals.

This is best done with curiosity rather judgement or frustration. Ask the person what their goals are, and then listen to understand rather than to respond.

Once we are more aware of the gap, it will give us the opportunity to close the gap.

One of the biggest mistake for many, is when we are in conflict, we tend to focus on our differences, and mistakenly blame those differences for our conflict. 

This may not be the real issue. It might be due to our misaligned goals.

So when in conflict, consider this.

Firstly, notice the feeling in conflict. Acknowledge and hold space for that feeling with curiosity. If a thought kicks in to say how annoying the other person is, hold space for that too.

Drop anchor with our body sense like breath if required, to ground ourselves in the present moment. 

Then with care, collaboration, positive regards, and curiosity, we ask…. I am curious, what are your goals, what are you trying to achieve, or something else that resonate with your usual “language”.

Then listen to understand rather than to respond.

Once we have clarity, move towards goal alignment with care, collaboration and a win-win mindset.

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