Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Helping children with stress or behavioural concerns

When I see school children with stress or behavioural concerns, I wonder about the following.

Is this child “a fish out of water”?

Does this child have a personality style that is mismatching with their environment or context, and hence, creating a stress response?

How does this child perceive, process information, and make decisions? What is their learning style? And how is this different to the child’s peers and family?

Does this child have an IQ:EQ mismatch creating difficulties with social connection?

Does this child make decisions based on their own thoughts and feelings, rather than the thoughts or feelings of others, or those in authority?

Does this child makes decisions based on the thoughts and feelings of others, rather than their own thoughts or feelings?

Does this child have a bias towards “thinking” over “feelings” or vice versa.

Does this child have a biased towards “perceiving” over “doing” or vice versa?

Knowing the answers may help the child and family to understand, acknowledge, and accept the situation, and not to blame themselves for the problem.

The answers may help the family and schools to adapt to the child, and then helping the child to fully accept themself, find or create a better suited environment for themself, and adapt to the world better.

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