Friday, September 24, 2021

Helping our patients resolve conflicts in their lives for better biopsychosocial health

In counseling, we often see folks who seem to “attract” conflicts and at the same time, also fear conflicts. With conflicts, they often fight, flight, or freeze. There may be of course a number of reasons for this, including traumas and adverse childhood events (ACEs).

Even without traumas and ACEs, it’s extremely hard to resolve conflicts as we all perceive and use objective information and “feelings” differently.

We don’t really get each other really, and often make the mistake of judging each other based on our own frameworks, values, beliefs, and ways of processing information. This will inevitably lead to misunderstandings.

Part of counseling is to help folks understand, appreciate and accept both self and others, in order to reconcile conflicts more effectively.

Without good understanding and conflict resolution skills, these folks may have more struggles in their “social health” domain, which then leads to other “psychobio” health issues.

I am sure as Family Doctors, you will have seen many of those.

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