Friday, May 28, 2021

Helping Doctors with awareness around the pitfall of “over pleasing”

Working with many Medical Students and Registrars over the years, I have observed that a significant number of our trainees tend to make decisions heavily influenced by the feelings of our patients at times.

Of course this can be a great prerequisite for a “care profession”, but if not careful, this can lead to problems e.g. pressured into prescribing something that is not ideal.

So how can we improve this situation?

Firstly, have awareness and mindfulness about our own vulnerability towards this will help.

Then be clear on our internal values or principles to keep this “in check”. Have clear boundaries.

But be careful. Build a picket fence with a gate for some flexibility, and not a fortress where no one can get through. Be firm and assertive, and at the same time, be ready for some exceptions depending on context.

Otherwise, it may look like this.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. And then that’s set, no more with rigid black or white thinking. Fluctuating from one extreme to another. That’s going to be very tiring and conflicting.

Can you relate?

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