Friday, May 21, 2021

Helping Doctors to self care so that they can effectively look after others

As healthcare professionals, it’s so important to look after our own biopsychosocial health, because when we are not well, it’s difficult to put the needs of others first.

Healthcare is a “giving” profession and hence, can be a really tough gig. It’s really hard to give when we have little left to give.

For health professionals starting out, I usually suggest the following.

1. Look after one’s physical health. Eat well. Keep active. Sleep well. Find a good GP perhaps.

2. Cultivate psychological flexibility. Fix what we can. Let go of the things we can’t. Be mindful and present enough to differentiate the two. Aim to live life true to self for better inner harmony.

3. Look after our relationships. Align goals with our “tribe”. Reconnect when we are disconnect. Resolve our conflict through genuine acknowledgement and assertiveness, rather than the fight or flight.

Don’t forget to educate ourselves early in our career around financial literacy too. It’s an important part of our social health. Spend less than we earn. It’s foundational. Aim for time affluence rather than the “absolute dollars”.


Teenager=lots of time, energy but no money.

Midlife=lots of money, energy but no time.

Retired=lots of money, time but no energy.

Work out enough “passive income” to live reasonably/comfortably and aim for that through sound investments. Once there, avoid the trap of more and more at the cost of time and energy.

Make sure you look after your health, energy and relationships. Without those, money is no good anyway.

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