Friday, May 14, 2021

Helping couples, families, groups with better emotional literacy to understand and appreciate each other

When observing couples, families, groups, or society as a whole, one can see the following patterns.

We are diverse
We are different in how we perceive the world.
We are different in how we make decisions.
We have different biases.
We don’t really truly understand and appreciate each others’ difference.

So when we perceive, some of us are bias towards seeing things through the lens of ...

1. The past
2. The present or
3. The future possibilities and probability

When we act, some of us are biased towards making decisions based on ...

1. What’s effective and what works in the real world. 
2. What makes sense to us.
3. What makes people happy.
4. What feels authentic and are in line with our values.

It’s no wonder that we tend to disagree and have frequent conflicts because we can be so different in how we think. Adding to this is our different values and beliefs. 

So how can we make things better?

We may need better emotional literacy to integrate all of the above perspectives perhaps, as one perspective is not better than another.

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