Sunday, March 28, 2021

Why do we all have “haters” and finding acceptance in this

Everyone seems to have “haters”.  

Why is that we wondered?

Well, it’s inevitable isn’t it?

If we look at how we individually take action, it falls into the following categories as discussed in the previous post. 

1. Some of us take action based predominantly on the feelings of others to maintain social harmony, niceties, and to avoid conflict and discord.  High empathy is our thing. 

2. Some of us take action predominantly using external rules and principles to make things workable.  It’s being “pragmatic” and goal driven.  It has to be effective. 

3. Some of us rely heavily on our own internal rules and principles to take action with integrity, rationality, and accuracy.  It has to make logical sense. 

4. Some of us take action based on our own feelings/values to stay authentic, true to who we are, and to maintain inner harmony and “happiness”.  It has to “feel right”. 

So if we use one or two predominant ways of taking action, we may have around 1/2 “fans” who can relate to us, and 1/2 “haters” who disagree with us profusely. 

“Hating” will stop once we all become multilingual in all ways of taking action, and appreciate/acknowledge each other’s styles and preferences.  For the time being, we can simply accept that it is what it is. 

We have some way to go yet as a society I think, but it will improve with time through better emotional literacy ..... 

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