Monday, March 8, 2021

Helping our patients with eating disorders

Eating disorders can be a bit confusing, so for simplicity, I often see it as a form of Compulsive Obsessive Disorder (OCD) where the patient is too “fused” or “super zoomed into” a particular theme around eating, weight, or how they feel about food and body image. Some folks with OCD are “super zoomed into” safety, cleanliness, germs, etc. For eating disorders, it is something relating to food, eating, their weight, or how they feel in their body.

Seeing it this way will help us guide treatment.

Our goal is to help them “zoom out” and get unstuck. Arguing and debating over facts may interestingly cause more “zooming in” problems, so one has to be careful here.

We can achieve “zooming out” through counseling, pharmacological methods, or often both as it is usually a severe “zooming in” problem.

If one can frame it in this way, then it may become “less mysterious” perhaps.

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