Saturday, January 23, 2021

Helping our patients to shift into gears when they are stuck in “between gears” of being versus doing

Have you or your patients ever felt as if you are stuck “in between gears” of being versus doing?

One is not completely engaged in “vacation/chill gear”, or in the “working/doing gear” either. This can be a bit uncomfortable and unproductive.

Mondayitis or Post Holiday Syndrome is a form of this in my opinion.


Notice it. Acknowledge it. Like driving a car, see the “terrain” and make a decision of which gear to be in, and take committed action.

Be or do. Don’t stay in no man’s land for too long.

The more interesting thing is to get into “flow”. 

Flow is like a seamless integration of being and doing, perceiving and executing in a well orchestrated way and in real time. 

Shifting gears like a Formula One racer. 

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