Saturday, December 12, 2020

Another way Doctors can see and approach autism

Society has two main languages. The “logical language” focusing on the objective 5 senses, and the more subjective and abstract “feeling language”.

Children and adult on the spectrum may struggle more with the “emotional language”.

I often see it like Canada where they speak both French and English.

So society speaks both “logical language” and “feeling language”.  The world needs both. 

Many folks speak both, and schools and society expects both. They don’t attract a lot of attention. But some folks are only comfortable with the “logical language”, and less so with the “feeling language”. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t have the “feeling language”, but simply finds it very hard to use and express it in that particular language.  It’s not their native tongue.  

This then leads to problems and miscommunication when they are not “bilingual”. If they speak French to an English speaking person, then we are going to have problems of course. 

My preferred approach is to give them, their family, and the people important in their lives the emotional literacy to understand and fully accept themselves. It also equip them with the emotional literacy to educate others in their tribe to understand them and not to misunderstand.

From that space, they then can choose to learn whatever language they want to learn, and truly become “multilingual”, if they choose to do so. Acceptance and empowerment is key, and not pressuring them to become something they are not.

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