Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Helping parents with their mood through better parenting training and support

Parenting is one of the most stressful job in the world and of course, if we can help families with parenting counseling/training, then we can help reduce their stress level. 

Parenting training like TripleP, is recognized by Medicare as a tool for focus psychological strategy (FPS), as it helps parents with mood disorders. 

So, what’s the “formula” for parenting?

There are 2 main ingredients. 

1. Connection/love/attachment

2. Boundaries/discipline 

Like baking bread, if we have too much flour and not enough water, then we may have a problem.  If we have too much water and not enough flour, then we may also have a problem.  It’s a balancing act between connection and discipline. Too much connection and not enough boundaries, then there may be chaos. Too much discipline and not enough connection, and there may be a rebellion on our hands. 

Start with connection is my usual approach, as it is “foundational”. Then build boundary setting and behavioral management on top of that. 

This is a wonderful role for GPs I think, as what we teach, we will invariably learn to apply to our own life. 

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